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Gas safety (CP12) from £99 (inc VAT)

(up to two appliances)

Gas Safety Certificate & Boiler Servicing

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A gas safety certificate known as CP12 is Having a Gas Safety Certificate verifies the safety of your gas appliances and connections in your property. This is achieved through a thorough inspection by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer who checks all your gas appliances and connections to ensure they are functioning properly.

This version clarifies the purpose of the certificate and emphasises the role of the qualified engineer in the process. It also uses simpler language for easier understanding.

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It is a legal requirement to include all gas appliances in a gas safety certificate - please make sure you include all additional appliances.

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  • 1x CP12 Certificate : £99.00
  • Total: £99.00


Q-1. What is a Gas Safety or CP12 certificate?

Ans: A CP12 certificate, also known as a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, is a document issued by a registered Gas Safe engineer after a satisfactory inspection of all gas appliances and flues in a rented property. It confirms that the appliances are safe to use and meet current regulations.

Q-2. Who needs a CP12 certificate?

Ans: Landlords in the UK are legally obligated to possess a valid CP12 certificate for any property they rent that has gas appliances. This includes houses, flats, and student accommodations.

Q-3. What does a CP12 certificate cover?

Ans: The certificate covers all gas appliances in the property, such as boilers, cookers, fires, and flues. The inspection also checks pipework, fittings, and ventilation to ensure everything is functioning safely and efficiently.

Q-4. How long is a CP12 certificate valid for?

Ans: A CP12 certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of issue, not the date of the inspection. If repairs are needed, the validity doesn't change, but a new inspection and certificate are required after repairs are completed.

Q-5. Who can perform a CP12 inspection?

Ans: Only Gas Safe registered engineers are qualified to conduct CP12 inspections and issue certificates. You can find a registered engineer in your area on the Gas Safe Register website.

Q-6. What happens if I don't have a CP12 certificate?

Ans: Landlords who fail to provide a valid CP12 certificate to their tenants are committing a criminal offense and could face prosecution, fines, and potential rent repayment orders.

Q-7. Who is responsible for paying for the CP12 certificate?

Ans: In most cases, the landlord is responsible for covering the cost of the CP12 inspection and certificate. However, it's advisable to clarify this point in the tenancy agreement to avoid any misunderstandings.

Q-8. What happens if repairs are needed after the inspection?

Ans: The Gas Safe engineer will list any necessary repairs on the CP12 certificate. Landlords are legally responsible for ensuring these repairs are carried out by a qualified professional within a reasonable timeframe.

Q-9. Do I need a CP12 certificate if I have a new boiler?

Ans: Even if your property has a new boiler, a CP12 certificate is still required. It's crucial to maintain regular safety checks on all gas appliances, regardless of their age.

Q-10. Where can I find more information about CP12 certificates?

Ans: You can find further information about CP12 certificates and gas safety regulations on the following websites:
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE):
The Gas Safe Register:

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