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The cheapest way to sell mobile or park home

The cheapest way to sell mobile or park home

Park home or mobile home? In general, mobile homes often called park homes. Selling a Park home is not complicated at all and now you can resell park home online with 99home. Before you put your mobile home for reselling you need to understand a few points.

1-Cost of selling a park home:

Only £99. Really? Yes, That’s correct! It’s a do-it-yourself (DIY) method of selling a park home. Presentation plays a massive role in selling a park home if you have very good photographs and a virtual tour ( Considering COVID-19) of your park home it will help you to sell your park home. 99home is an Online Estate Agents charges only £199 for park home photography, floorplan, and virtual tour.

2-EPC for Park Home:

Do I need an EPC to sell a Mobile home? And the answer is NO!

If you selling a traditional brick-built residential property, you would have to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

The rules are slightly different for park homes. While some people prefer to know about energy ratings before they buy, you don’t have to offer an EPC. So to be clear, if you are selling a mobile home, you do not have to provide an EPC.

3-Stamp duty:

Mobile homes are exempt from stamp duty. This is because they are not a permanent installation and can be moved. Park homes often are considered just like caravans (mobile chattels). However, there are some important and crucial exceptions that need to look at. If moving the park or mobile home requires damage to the land e.g. digging up foundations it is likely to be considered a building for the purposes of stamp duty land tax. Your buyer would do well to find a specialist solicitor who can confirm whether stamp duty is applicable. If the buying price is under £45,000 for a second property or £125,000 for a primary property, stamp duty won’t apply, anyway.


If you selling your Park home with the help of an estate agent, you will be liable to pay an agreed fee to the agent. Apart from the estate agent fee, The park owner may get up to 10% of the selling price (known as a ‘commission’) when you sell your home.

You’ll need to give the buyer(s) certain information - for example about the commission and pitch fees. You must fill the correct form for the Notice of the proposed sale form: park homes You must inform the park owner about the sale. Transfer the pitch agreement to the new owner. You need to inform the buyer to fill in a ‘Notice of Assignment form’ so they can pay the commission to the park owner.

5-Surveys For Mobile Homes:

Do I need to have a park home valuation survey? You may hear a different answer to this question but we believe it’s a good idea to have a survey done. This will give a bit extra confidence. A survey will lay out everything you need to know in plain language.

The survey can identify areas of a home that may be at risk of flooding or damp and also help you understand the true value of your park home. The park home survey may also let you know how much you may need to spend on your home in the long run if required.

6-Read and Understand the Paperwork:

When you have found an interested buyer(s), you must supply them with certain prescribed information and documents using a ‘Buyer's information form’.The purpose of this form and the documents accompanying it is to give the proposed purchaser the necessary information to enable them to decide whether they want to purchase your home.

If you are not able to provide a document or give certain information you need to let the buyer know why. Please have a look at the selling or gifting fact sheet.
Selling or gifting a park home – fact sheet

7-Ask A Professional:

99home can arrange a call back from one of our park home experts. Please get in touch with 99home for more information.99home offers a Combo package The charge is a one-off upfront charge of £499 inc VAT. There are no other costs. This package includes property marketing, advice about how to sell and valuation of the property, virtual tour with photo, and floorplan.

*last updated on 28th September 2020. Terms and conditions apply.

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